Flowers from A – Z


Orange Dahlias

Yokohama Roses

Hot Pink Cirsiums – be careful when handling these little beauties. They tend to have a lot of little thorns on their leaves. I learnt that the hard way.

Eustomas or by their common name, Lisianthus

Orange brains. Just kidding. Celosias

Limonium or Sea Lavender. These beauties have a stinky fragrance to it unlike Lavender.

Chocolate Geranium. This plant is an herb.

Cafe au lait dahlia


Anyone that is planning a special occasion will always be curious about the price of floral arrangements. You can ask a florist how much a certain centerpiece would be and most of the time the designer will give you a range. Don’t blame them for being vague. Prices tend to fluctuate with the seasonal availability of each flower. This also applies to the color of the flower. For instance, vibernums will have a higher cost during the winter months because vibernums are mostly grown during the spring and summer seasons. Therefore the more scarce the production of a specific flower is during a particular season, the higher the costs. So don’t be surprised if you have to spend a bit more for peonies during the winter months vs. spring months.