Jenny Liu

Part-time Floral Designer, Full-time Floral Fanatic

Let me start off with how I am not a writer, a blogger, a photographer, nor a celeb floral designer (I wish). I’m just a girl with a huge passion for flowers with big floral dreams inspired by every color of the rainbow. Flowers are one of God’s gifts to express how much He loves us and it can bring a smile to anyone (unless you’re allergic but that’s beside the point). Therefore, it is appropriate to say that we use flowers as a tangible expression of our love for one another. Making people smile with flowers is my main purpose as a floral designer at Trees & Petals.

Trees & Petals was created by my little sister and I in 2012. She noticed my interest and how I have taken on creating floral arrangements for family and friends as a hobby. She then advised me to turn my love into a business. Sadly to say, she decided to quit after helping me create the name of the company. So long, little sis'! You had your chance! And, thanks for your hard work!

Although I would like to credit my sister for the encouragement, I have to give my full thanks to my mentor – Lucy Wu. She is one of the best floral designers within the NYC region and is also an award winner for more than four years straight on The Knot. Before my sister came up with the “new business” idea, I was helping Lucy out for quite some time. She taught me the basics of floral arranging and the floral biz. In the beginning, she gave me full authority to do simple designs at what was then my first wedding project with her. I was floored. How could this talented lady put her trust in me and allow me do whatever I want knowing that I didn’t have an ounce of skill? It turns out that she believed in me more than I believed in myself. She also encouraged me to start up my own business one day and here I am! I hope I made her proud.

Because Trees & Petals is still very fairly new, I am very proud of my small team which also includes my very loving and supportive husband. Each event that we have done together has been a different and an amazing learning experience for us. Over a year ago, The Hubs didn’t even know what hydrangeas, peonies or dahlias were. He thought that every flower was a rose. Albeit still getting the names wrong sometimes, I do give him credit for realizing that they’re not roses.
Meanwhile, I found great satisfaction in envisioning and bringing together people’s ideas combined with my own and making it come to life. Essentially I view this collaboration with the clients as teamwork. I adore and appreciate all of my clients and I enjoy making them “floral-ly” happy and wallet happy. So I would like to give them a BIG hug, a high-five, a wink and a chest-bump for being so awesome! I know what ya’ll thinking – the high five might be a little much so I’ll leave that out.

Trees & Petals will be here to service you with any floral needs which includes weddings, showers, corporate events, store displays, etc. Just send me an email to and from there we can begin our consultations immediately.

Thanks for taking your time to read me. And, welcome to my portfolio!